What Interns Have Said

The research, fact-checking and reporting skills I gained that summer of 2006 have stayed with me in every job and assignment since, as have the talks and seminars by the magazine’s columnists, editors and guests. The Nation is unique in its commitment to covering social justice in the U.S. and abroad while challenging instruments of power.

Laila Al-Arian, Al Jazeera

Internship Class 2006

The Nation handed us the fundamental tools to discriminate between factual information and conjecture—a skill perhaps increasingly more invaluable anywhere and everywhere in the world today, than ever before.

Anakwa Dwamena, The New Yorker

Internship Class 2016

It turned out to be the best professional decision I ever made. The internship encouraged me to write, while giving me the chance to work with reporters I admired. Many gave me advice I still use in my own reporting.

Liliana Segura, The Intercept

Internship Class 2005

2024 Winter/Spring Cohort

Editorial Interns

Adam Smith-Perez, Columbia University, class of 2022
Ella Fanger, Yale University, class of 2022
Saliha Bayrak, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, class of 2023
Iman Husain, Brown University, class of 2023
Emmet Fraizer, Vassar College, class of 2022

Publishing Intern

Finn Cooley, Texas Christian University, class of 2022

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